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Bats In The Artic iPhone 12 Mini Case

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This case provides a protective yet stylish shield to your iPhone 12 Mini from accidental drops and scratches. Available in Transparent case, Rubber case (black color), Hardcase 3D (matte) and Airpillow soft case.

  • Rubber case provides good protection from impacts and drops. It has high flexibility and also fully cover to all buttons.
  • transparent case provides protection with good feels in hand touch. With slim and lightweight profile, make sure you will get good experience in your hand.
  • Image printouts guaranteed good quality and sharp colors.
  • Easy access to all buttons, functions, and ports.

Available in several phone case types will give you many choices to suit your needs, click this link, Phone Case Types for detailed specifications of our cell phone cases.

P.S : The image on this product is an image printed on a plate. While any brands or logos contained in the image are not authentic or not certified.